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No. But I'm afraid of you.
No. But I'm afraid of you.

accidentally spams a really good inspiration blog

In other news, I followed along with some Unity tutorials tonight and felt like it’s really easy to grasp! I can’t wait to practice by making some simple game prototypes. But first, I have to keep watching these videos so that I can learn moooore. ( ´ ꒳ ` )

I feel like I’m a few steps closer to making my dream game, and that’s what counts!

my feelings about the animation I turned in for my final tonight were basically

my cat being a purr machine (and slapping my phone out of his face)

how to tell you’ve won an argument against idiots on deviantart. lmfao.

how to tell you’ve won an argument against idiots on deviantart. lmfao.

All my messages on deviantart are now clear. After about an hour or two. Phew. That feels so much better.

I can’t believe it took dumb fuzzy dragons to restore some shred of interest in my own art again hhh

Trying to figure out why I can’t draw anymore. I want to be an artist. I’m just really uncomfortable with the results I’ve been getting from my practice sessions. It doesn’t feel like I’m making good art. I’m stuck in a really shitty mindset and don’t know what to do. Someone help.

I really love seeing my followers reblogging and liking stuff my queue posts, it always makes me smile when I see a little notification on my phone. Even when I’m having a bad day or when I’m in pain n stuff.

Just a reminder that I love you guys. Thank you for following me! <3

wow it actually makes me really sad when I see someone draw Cherry from Studio Killers with a very slim figure :( her chubbiness is one of the things I think makes her most beautiful, and when people change such a significant factor of her appearance, it just makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Just going to delete that because I don’t feel like getting into a debate..

My room is super cozy now and I can’t get over it. A very soft, pale blue glow at night. Love it.

I just saw that kiamara that went for over a grand I just
Why can’t I make that much money off my art. I could actually afford to move my boyfriend in with me and everything. Ugh I mean I’m glad Apple is meeting her goals and everything but I feel like such a useless pos being older than artists who make so much and. Not being able to sell a thing.
Urgh just ignore my whining sorry.

had a wonderful night gaming and talking shit with eebit! :D we should do it again sometime soon!! I laughed so hard I cried, omg.

I really want my boyfriend to write more. I love his stories and I know he has so many ideas inside his wonderful mind that he just needs to jot down into words.. I want to read it all.