libbabink said: “Kaidan, I… I’m pregnant.” Happy tears glisten in her eyes. Kaidan’s jaw drops. “Shepard, I just came in here to tell you… we won the lottery!” But what they both didn’t know was that their hair was unimpressive that day.

shepard’s lips thinned, and she turned her head from kaidan’s joyous smile. she hadn’t ever really thought about becoming a mother, and at first, it had seemed exciting, a way to put the past - the blood, the tears, the giant space lobsters - behind them. a new start. but when she noticed the state of their hair in the hall mirror, that brief glimpse of happiness seemed suddenly so far away. how could she and kaidan hope to raise a child when they couldn’t even control the state of their hair? she wished kasumi were here - wherever the thief was, a moodily lit bar was never too far off, and she could do with a drink. anything to drown out the sudden whirring in her ears. but i can’t, she thought. because of the baby. 

this goddamn baby.

 ”shepard,” kaidan whispered into the frigid quiet. “why - why can’t you love me the way i love you? I…we won, the lottery, shep. we’re having a baby. can’t you just be happy? for us?”

shepard looked back at him then, shadows inexplicably playing over her face even though it was noon and their foyer was pretty well-lit, and he could see her eyes were damp. damp with tears he knew she would never allow herself to shed.

"kaidan, i just…i want to. but. our hair…i can’t." she says, her voice cracking.

and then they boned. angstily.